Parveen Sarkari


Applying a novel protein expression system in Ustilago maydis


Area: expression
Project Start: 1.06.2011
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Joachim Ernst, Prof. Dr. Michael Feldbrügge, Dr. Kerstin Schipper
University: Duesseldorf


Parveen was a fellow of the CLIB Graduate Cluster. She defended her thesis magna cum laude on 21.11.2014.


Sarkari P, Reindl M, Stock J, Müller O, Kahmann R, Feldbrügge M, Schipper K (2014) Improved expression of single-chain antibodies in Ustilago maydis. J. Biotech. 191: 165–175.

Sarkari P, Feldbrügge M, Schipper K (2015) The corn smut fungus Ustilago maydis as an alternative expression system for biopharmaceuticals. In: Fungal Biology. Gene expression systems in fungi: advancements and applications. Edited by M. Schmoll and C. Dattenböck. Springer Book Series. Invited review, submitted


Parveen´s project
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