Parijat Kusari


Isolation, identification and characterization of endophytes from Cannabis sativa L. and Radula marginata.


Area: biocatalysis
Project Start: 1.05.2011
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Oliver Kayser, Prof. Dr. Michael Spiteller
University: Dortmund


Parijat Kusari was a fellow of CLIB-GC. She successfully defended her thesis on 15 December 2014 with magna cum laude and is an alumna of the CLIB-GC.

Project overview

The objective of this project was to isolate, identify, evaluate and compare the biocontrol prospects of fungal and bacterial endophytes harbored in Cannabis sativa L. plants and liverwort Radula marginata. Furthermore, this study provides fundamental insights into the antivirulence strategies of bacterial endophytic community of C. sativa L. The results obtained in this project underline the defensive functional traits of selected endophytes and opens new avenues towards further exploitation of endophytes harbored in C. sativa L. plants and R. marginata.


P. Kusari, S. Kusari, M. Spiteller and O. Kayser „Endophytic fungi harbored in Cannabis sativa L.: Diversity and potential as biocontrol agents against host plant-specific phytopathogens”. Fungal Diversity (2013) 60: 137-151.

Kusari, P., Spiteller, M., Kayser, O., Kusari, S. Recent advances in research on Cannabis sativa L. endophytes and their prospect for the pharmaceutical industry. In: Kharwar, R.N. et al. (eds.) Microbial Diversity and Biotechnology in Food Security, Springer India, 2014, Book Part I, 3-15. ISBN: 978-81-322-1800-5

Kusari, P., Kusari, S., Lamshöft, M., Sezgin, S., Spiteller, M. Kayser, O. Quorum quenching is an antivirulence strategy employed by endophytic bacteria. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol May 2014, 98: 7173-7183

Kusari, P., Kusari, S., Spiteller, M., Kayser, O. Biocontrol potential of endophytes harbored in Radula marginata (liverwort) from the New Zealand ecosystem. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 2014, 106: 771-788.

Kusari, S., Lamshöft, M., Kusari, P., Gottfried, S., Zühlke, S., Louven, K., Hentschel, U., Kayser, O., Spiteller, M. Endophytes are hidden producers of maytansine in Putterlickia roots. J. Nat. Prod. 2014, 77: 2577-2584


Parijat’s project
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