GC-Symposium Patents in Biotechnology

On March 11th, CLIB-GC fellows in Bielefeld held a symposium titled ’Patents in Biotechnology, Perspectives from Society and Industry.’

This Symposium brought together experts from various backgrounds in the field of intellectual property concerning biotechnology, Dr. Martin Grund (Grund Intellectual Property Group, Munich), Dr. Nicolas Rudinger (Evonik Industries AG, Halle), and Pieter van Boheemen (the founder of the Do It Yourself biotechnology movement from the Netherlands). The goal of the symposium was to openly discuss the role patenting plays in industrial R&D as well as in society so that the biotechnology students could have a chance to objectively formulate their opinions on this topic. Each speaker gave a lecture presentation in the morning and the event was culminated in a panel discussion wherein the speakers and audience openly discussed their interests and concerns around intellectual property issues in the field of biotechnology. Over 40 students attended the event, including GC members from TU Dortmund and HHU Düsseldorf.

The CLIB CG Bielefeld would like to thank Dr. Martin Grund, Dr. Nicolas Rudinger, and Pieter van Boheemen for their participation at this event.

Pieter van Boheemen and Dr. Martin Grund discuss open source biotechnology.

The organising committee, students of the CLIB-GC at CeBiTec, Bielefeld University. Back row from left to right: Nikolas Kessler, Nils-Christian Lübke, Kyle J. Lauersen, Armin Neshat. Front row: Frederik Walter, Vímac Nolla Ardèvol, Sergej Wendler