Fatma Alexia van Winssen


Investigation of a novel aqueous two-phase extraction technology


Area: downstream processing
Project Start: 1.05.2010
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Andrzej Górak, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schembecker
University: Dortmund


Fatma van Winssen studied Biochemical Engineering at TU Dortmund University. She finished her studies in March 2010 with her diploma thesis "Development of a guideline for knowledge-based syntheses of downstream processes of proteins and peptides". She became a fellow at the CLIB-GC and started her doctoral research on aqueous two-phase extraction of enzymes at the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design.

Fatma defended her thesis in October 2014 and now works as process engineer for a large multinational company in Germany.

Research interests

Aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS) have been established as an effective and economical downstream processing technique in biotechnological applications. They consist of an aqueous solution of two structurally different polymers or one polymer and a salt. Fatma is investigating the molecular mechanisms of ATPS.