We give a warm welcome to the new fellows in our cluster, who started this spring

Armin Neshat and Frederik Walter started their PhD thesis at the University Bielefeld even at the beginning of the year. Armin will work on “transcriptome analysis of industrially relevant bacteria by next-generation-sequencing” supervised by Dr. Jörn Kalinowski. Frederik will investigate the “Metabolic Profiling of bacterial Mutants for the Comprehensive Identification of Cellular Metabolites” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Karsten Niehaus. Vimac Nolla Ardevol started the 1st of April at CeBiTEc in Bielefeld. He will optimize the efficiency of methane production from biomass in order to develop a technically and economically feasible concept for the sustainable production of methane. His thesis will be supervised by Marc Strous.

At TU Dortmund three new fellows started their theses this sping. Evamaria Gruchattka will work on the “Metabolic and metabolomic profiling of Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous as biosynthetic platform organism for isoprenoid drugs”. She startes in April and will be working in the group of Prof. Oliver Kayser. Dana Keil will investigate the “Biocatalysis in non-aqueous media by enzymes and whole cells” under the supervision of Eva Maria del Amor Villa and Prof. Rolf Wichmann. Anke Prudic, working in the group of Prof. Gabriele Sadowski, will study the “Solubility and bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents”. Both started thier theses in March.

Parveen Sarkari, Fan Sha, Sidra Hassan, and Zainab Al-Khatib started their PhD thesis at HHU Düsseldorf in April. Franca Tolksdorf will follow in May. Parveen will “Apply a novel protein expression system in Ustilago maydis” under the direction of Dr. Kerstin Schipper, Prof. Michael Feldbrügge, and Prof. Joachim Ernst. Fan will work on “Molecular Function Annotation of Proteins Based on Interaction Fields” in the working group of Prof. Holger Gohlke. Sidra will develop a chemoenzymatic-metal catalytic amidation-coupling-cycloisomerization (ACCI) sequence in a one-pot fashion. She will be supervised by Prof. Thomas J.J. Müller and Prof. Jörg Pietruszka. Zainab will investigate “molecular mechanism of nisin resistance” supervised by Prof. Lutz Schmitt and Dr. Sander Smits. Franca will work on “Production and evaluation of novel bacterial laccases” under direction of Dr. Katja Koschorreck, Prof. Vlada Urlacher, Prof. Jörg Pietruszka.