PD Dr. Andreas Tauch



department: CeBiTec, Institute for Genome Research and Systems Biology (IGS)


Bielefeld University, CeBiTec

CeBiTec: Institute for Genome Research and Systems Biology (IGS), Systems Biology of Regulatory Networks Group

Research Interests

We work on sequencing of microbial genomes and the subsequent utilization of the decoded genetic information for genome-wide transcriptional studies with DNA microarrays. Both industrially and medically relevant microorganisms are currently investigated. Research projects comprise the systematic reconstruction of the transcriptional regulatory network of the amino acid producer Corynebacterium glutamicum, global transcriptional profiling of the skin bacterium Corynebacterium jeikeium to analyze its role in body odor formation, comparative genomics of pathogenic corynebacteria, and genome sequencing of Clostridium botulinum strains producing the highly potent botulinum neurotoxin.

Andreas Tauch is also coordinator of the Corynebacterium Genome Initiative (CGI). Its goal is to promote genomics and pangenomics of Corynebacterium species and the CGI is working

  • to establish whole-genome sequences of all validly published type strains of the genus Corynebacterium, including Turicella otitidis
  • to perform pangenomics of selected species and
  • to develop a public database for the genomic data

To find out more, visit the website of the Systems Biology of Regulatory Networks Group

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