Pia Skoczinski


Secretion and stability of Bacillus subtilis lipase A


Area: expression
Project Start: 1.04.2013
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Karl-Erich Jaeger
University: Duesseldorf


Pia was a speaker at the 5th Annual Symposium „From Gene to Protein and Beyond“ on 18 Sep 2014.

Project overview

In this project, we use the biochemically well characterized lipase A from Bacillus subtilis as a model protein for a comprehensive systematic mutational study to improve protein secretion. This analysis is focused on signal peptide – enzyme interactions and enzyme effects on optimal secretion in B. subtilis. Therefore, we have constructed three different combinations of signal peptides and enzymes (SP-E systems) and developed a suitable screening method. These systems will help to elucidate and subsequently optimize general mechanisms of protein secretion in B. subtilis.


Pia’s project
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