Christian Schwarz


Rational design of Type I secretion substrates


Area: expression
Project Start: 1.10.2009
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Karl-Erich Jaeger, Prof. Dr. Lutz Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Sander Smits
University: Duesseldorf


Dr. Christian Schwarz received a fellowship from CLIB-GC from October 2009 until October 2012, when he graduated summa cum laude. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at HHU Düsseldorf and is founding his own startup "pep2express".

During his thesis, Christian won second place in the innovation competition at Düsseldorf University in 2012.

Christian patented some of the results of his thesis in the following patent:
Agents and methods for the expression and secretion of peptides and proteins
(2011, EP11186225.6)
Patent holders: Christian Schwarz, Sander Smits, Lutz Schmitt
A general secretion system in E. coli for the production of heterologous polypeptides. Secretion levels reach up to 1 g/L. Secreted polypeptides are highly pure and feature the expected biological function.


Lecher J, Stoldt M, Schwarz CK, Smits SH, Schmitt L, Willbold D (2011) 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignment of the N-terminal C39 peptidase-like domain of the ABC transporter Haemolysin B (HlyB). Biomol NMR Assign 5: 199-201

Schwarz CK, Tschapek B, Jumpertz T, Jenewein S, Lecher J, Willbold D, Panjikar S, Holland IB, Smits SH, Schmitt L (2011) Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of an oligomeric species of a refolded C39 peptidase-like domain of the Escherichia coli ABC transporter haemolysin B. Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun 67: 630-633

Schwarz CK, Smits SH, Schmitt L (2011) Agents and methods for the expression and secretion of peptides and proteins. Patent application EP11186225.6

Abts A, Schwarz CKW, Tschapek B, Smits SHJ and Schmitt L (2012) Rational and irrational approaches to convince a protein to crystallize. In modern aspects of bulk crystal and thin film preparation, Kolesnikov N and Borisenko E (ed), Rijeka: InTech; ISBN: 978-953-307-610-2

Lecher J, Schwarz C K W, Stoldt M, Smits SH J, Willbold D, Schmitt L (2012) An RTX transporter tethers ist unfolded substrate during secretion via a unique N-terminal domain. Structure 20: 1- 10.

Schwarz CK, Landsberg C, Lenders M, Smits SH, Schmitt L (2012) Using the E. coli Type 1 secretion system to secrete the eukaryotic intracellular protein IFABP in a functional manner, J Biotech

Schwarz, CK, Lenders MH, Smits SH, Schmitt L (2012) Secretion of slow-folding proteins by a Type 1 secretion system, Bioengineered Bugs Kannenberg K, Schwarz C H K, Schmitt L (2013) Type I secretion systems - a story of appendices. Res. Microbiol. 164: 596- 604.


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