Jessica Schneider


Development of novel bioinformatics tools for functional annotation and metabolic reconstruction of biotechnologically important yeasts.


Area: polyomics
Project Start: 1.04.2009
Supervisor(s): Dr. Alexander Goesmann, Prof. Dr. Alfred Pühler, apl. Prof. Dr. Andreas Tauch
University: Bielefeld



Dr. Jessica Schneider was a fellow of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster from April 2009 until October 2012, when she successfully defended her thesis.

Project overview

Next-generation sequencing facilitates to sequence the genomes of industrially important yeast species. In this project, a bioinformatics pipeline including RAPYD and CARMEN was developed covering regional and functional annotation, metabolic pathway reconstruction, and comparative genomics. A RAPYD demo project was set up including the draft genome sequence of Wickerhamomyces anomalus. This non-conventional wine yeast exhibits antimicrobial activities and flavoring features.

Development of novel bioinformatics tools for functional annotation and metabolic reconstruction of biotechno-logically important yeasts.

Jessica’s website at the CeBiTec.


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