12 patents have so far been filed from research conducted in the CLIB-GC.

Method for producing a target protein connected with a heterogeneous ferritin protein using yeast host cells (2010, EP10180732.9) Patent holders: Manfred Suckow, Eva Eilert, Michael Piontek Contact: m.piontek(at)

Agents and methods for the expression and secretion of peptides and proteins (2011, EP11186225.6) Christian Schwarz, Sander Smits, Lutz Schmitt Contact: A general secretion system in E. coli for the production of heterologous polypeptides. Secretion levels reach up to 1 g/L. Secreted polypeptides are highly pure and feature the expected biological function.

Polymer or polymer network (2011, WO/2011/003832) TU Dortmund University, Jörg C. Tiller, Frank Katzenberg, Benjamin Heuwers Contact: Crystals in a stressed, dimensionally-stable state present in a polymer or polymer network can tear under the effect of an external cause upon reaching a collaboration threshold. This threshold can be freely set within a definable range. The crystals dissolve upon tearing and the polymer or polymer network cools off during its relaxation into the unstrained state, below ambient temperature. The programming, meaning the transition of the polymer or polymer network into the stressed, dimensionally-stable state, is possible at room temperature.

Surface display of polypeptides containing a metal porphyrin or a flavin (2010, EP10179060.8) Stephanie D. Schumacher, Frank Hannemann, Rita Bernhardt, Joachim Jose Contact: A method for functionally displaying a recombinant polypeptide containing a prosthetic group on the surface of a host cell, wherein the prosthetic group is selected from metal porphyrins and flavins.

Expression vector for a secretion and detection system (2012, EP12005108.1, filed) Kyle J. Lauersen, Jan H. Mussgnug, Olaf Kruse Contact: An optimized expression vector system that allows secretion into culture media and semi quantifiable assessment or production levels of a target recombinant protein from the nuclear genome of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Enables plate-level screening to identify robust protein producing transformant lines, limiting tedious culture scale-up for protein quantification. Recombinant proteins are efficiently secreted into culture media, are stable and can be directly used in water-like media for target application depending on the RP.

Process for separation/purification of biomolecules (2012, PCT/EP2012/055434) Fatma Alexia van Winssen, Bernhard Burghoff, Gerhard Schembecker Contact: Aqueous Two Phase Extraction (ATPE) is a separation technology especially suited for biomolecules. However, it usually relies on a slow phase-separation to recover the desired product – difficult to scale-up to industrial scales. The newly developed TAPPIR technology immobilises one of the two aqueous phases in porous particles. Now, ATPE can be carried out on column format, decreasing the time needed for extraction and even increasing yield.

An enzyme for the reduction of keto groups and oxidation of hydroxyl groups in steroids and carbohydrate derivatives. (2012) Joachim Jose, Mark Teese, Agnes Tubeleviciute Contact:

2-Schritt Synthese zur Herstellung von (1S,2S)-Norpseudoephedrin (Cathine) durch Kopplung einer (S)-selektiven Transaminase und einer (S)-selektiven Alkoholdehydrogenase. (2013, 10 2013 009 145.4) Dörthe Rother, Martina Pohl, Torsten Sehl

2-Schritt Synthese zur Herstellung von (1S,2S)-Norpseudoephedrin (Cathine) durch Kopplung einer (S)-selektiven Lyase und einer (S)-selektiven Transaminase (2013, Deutsche Patentanmeldung: 10 2013 009 631.6) Dörthe Rother, Martina Pohl, Torsten Sehl, Álvaro Gómez Baraibar

Verfahren zur Herstellung von Gamma-Aminobuttersäure (2014, DE 10 2014 102 788.4) Stefanie Kind, Joao Jorge, evocatal GmbH