Lab course at HHU Düsseldorf/FZ Jülich


Lab course at HHU Düsseldorf/FZ Jülich

From 17 September 2012 15:00 to 20 September 2012 17:00

CLIB-GC Internal Lab Course

Title: in vitro Evolution, Expression and Biocatalysis

Venue: HHU Düsseldorf (will be held at campus FZ Jülich)

Date: 17.09.-20.09.12

Participants: 12 or 16


*Introduction molecular biology / protein expression for non-biologists [optional]

* Lectures: applications of (optimised) enzymes: e.g. biocatalysis, in vitro evolution, expression, biological and chemical screening

* Methods: (mutagenesis) PCR, construction of expression plasmids/libraries, transformation, protein expression, protein purification, qualitative and quantitative determination of enzyme activities = screening: all performed for 2 different enzyme classes of industrial interest

You have received an invitation to register by email; deadline for registration is 11 April 2012, 10 am.