Key qualifications

A PhD is not enough - that is the title of a book by Peter Feibelman on how to survive in science. Another important part are so called key qualifications. These include interpersonal skills, presentation skills, but also management knowledge.

CLIB2021 will offer the common course module on project and innovation management, but every university also has its own portfolio of courses.

Check with your coordinator whether credits can be awarded for the course you plan to take.

At TU Dortmund: Zentrum für Weiterbildung

At Bielefeld University: General Skills Programme

At Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf: Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung

These courses are usually only open for students of the university offering them.

However, all CLIB-Graduate Cluster students can attend courses offered by the iGRAD (the interdisciplinary Graduate and Research Academy Duesseldorf) of Duesseldorf University. Please check with iGRAD for registration requirements and payment. Their current programme can be found here: iGRAD workshops