Industry Cooperation in the CLIB-GC

Connecting research and business or universities and industry can be a challenge, but can also lead to rewarding collaborations and new business developments.

The aim of both the CLIB-Graduate Cluster and CLIB2021 are better connections and collaborations between industry and academic research. This means we welcome the involvement of companies within the Graduate Cluster.

There are several ways to become involved as an industrial partner.

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Flyer CLIB-GC and the Industry (German only)

Cooperation in a research project
Many of the research projects carried out at present have an industrial partner. There are many modes of collaboration: You can become involved in current research projects or propose new projects. The modalities concerning the collaboration are decided upon between the university professor and the company, as well as agreements concerning confidentiality and IP.

Contact to young scientists
Members of CLIB2021 are invited to the annual internal retreat of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster and have thus the chance to meet our fellows and identify promising young scientists at an early stage in their career.

Industrial internship
All fellows are encouraged to schedule a 3-month industrial internship during their doctoral thesis. During this time, the fellowship is paused and the students get to know research from an industrial perspective. For a company, this is the chance to have the doctoral student perform some of the work in a joint research project in-house, to gain qualified interns for a project or to discover new potential employees.

How many companies are involved so far?
At present, about a quarter of the projects in the Graduate Cluster have an industrial partner. 13 research projects collaborate with a number of 14 external partners.