3rd Annual Retreat CLIB-Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology

From 22 to 24 February 2012, we successfully welcomed 122 participants to the third annual retreat of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster in Bergisch Gladbach. The aim of the annual event was to bring the students from our three universities (Bielefeld University, TU Dortmund University and University of Düsseldorf) together and to give them a platform to exchange research results and for networking under the roof of industrial biotechnology. Besides doctoral students of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster, their project leaders also attended the retreat. Within the three days, 26 fellows gave talks to present their studies. As a tradition of the retreat, Prof. Jochen Büchs from RWTH Aachen (Chair of Biochemical Engineering) and Dr. Ingo Gaida from CleanTechNRW GmbH were invited to give external lectures. Additional to the talks, three poster sessions were organized containing 87 poster presentations.

We believe that the very active interaction between the biologists, engineers, chemists and computer scientists during the three days brought them closer to each other and we hope that the young scientists of the cluster will experience even more interdisciplinary cooperation in the future.