Prof. Dr. Andrzej Górak



department: BCI, Laboratory of Fluid Separations


TU Dortmund University, Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering, Laboratory of Fluid Separations

Research interests

Reactive and non-reactive distillation

  • Detailed modelling and simulation of continuous and discontinuous distillation, optimisation of operational mode and design of reactive distillation columns
  • Experimental validation of simulation results
  • Development of new column internals for reactive distillation

Membrane processes

  • Modelling of integrated processes (membranes and distillation columns)
  • Experimental research on membrane processes

Reactive liquid/liquid extraction

  • Modelling and simulation of reactive extraction processes
  • Modelling of reactive separation processes using the Stefan-Maxwell approach
  • Heat and mass transfer in reactive multicomponent mixtures

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Students (co-)supervised

Alexander Nann
Axel Prinz
Mayuratheepan Puthirasigamany
Thomas Reschke
Martin Stoffers
Fatma van Winssen
Matthias Wierschem