Dr. Alexander Goesmann



department: CeBiTec, Institute for Bioinformatics (IfB)


Bielefeld University, CeBiTec

CeBiTec: Institute for Bioinformatics (IfB), Computational Genomics Group

Research interests

Today, massively parallel DNA sequencing or hybridization approaches allow the identification of not only the gene repertoire but also the gene regulatory networks of an organism. The huge amounts of data acquired from such experiments can only be handled with intensive bioinformatics support that has to provide an adequate infrastructure for storing and analyzing these data.
Thus, bioinformatics has to deliver efficient data analysis algorithms, user-friendly tools and software applications, as well as extensive hardware infrastructure for answering such questions.

The group focused on data management for genome and post-genome research projects that require new software solutions for systematic data acquisition, secure data storage of structured information, and high-through-put data analysis. All these features enable the users to browse through a hierarchy of data ranging from raw experimental data to highly structured complexes such as EST analyses, complete genome annotations or results of microarray analyses. The web-based genome annotation system called GenDB was for example successfully used for the automatic and manual annotation of a dozen microbial genomes in the past five years. Data access across our different components is mediated via the BRIDGE architecture, a domain spanning query software, allowing users for example to be able to view gene expression data projected onto a KEGG metabolic pathway which is cross-linked with all available sequence annotations for the corresponding enzyme

To find out more, visit the website of the Bioinformatics Resource Facility.

Students (co-)supervised

Tobias Jakobi
Lukas Jelonek
Nikolas Kessler
Florian Kollin
Jessica Schneider (alumna)
Kai Bernd Stadermann
Manuel Wittchen