Prof. Dr. Robert Giegerich



department: CeBiTec, Institute for Bioinformatics (IfB)


Bielefeld University, Faculty of Technology, Research Group Practical and Bioinformatics

CeBiTec: Institute for Bioinformatics (IfB), Practical Computer Science Group

Research interests

Modern molecular biology requires mathematical models and efficient algorithms to interprete the mass of observations generated by current experimental techniques. This necessity has given birth to the new discipline of bioinformatics. No one can say today how far away we are from fully understanding even the most fundamental mechanisms of life, but it is clear that the quality of our bioinformatics resources determines the rate of progress along this road.

Bioinformatics can roughly be split in two branches:

Algorithmic Bioinformatics is concerned with new methods of data analysis, resulting in new or better models, algorithms and tools. This branch needs input from biology, but is mainly a computer science acticity with its typical cycle of algorithm development, implementation and evaluation.

Applied Bioinformatics is the actual interpretation of biological data with the tools developed in the algorithmic branch of the field. This requires close cooperation between biologists and bioinformaticians, in particular when novel experimental techniques or novel tools are involved.
Our group is engaged in both kinds of activities.

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Students (co-)supervised

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