GC alumnus Dr. Torsten Sehl wins Helmholtz Award

Dr. Torsten Sehl, alumnus of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster, won the Helmholtz Dissertation Award in the area of Key Technologies. During his thesis, he developed a faster, cheaper, and more sustainable process to produce amino alcohols, which are important for the pharmaceutical industry.

Torsten did his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Dörte Rother, Prof. Dr. Jörg Pietruszka and Apl.-Prof. Dr. Martina Pohl at the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences 1: Systems Biotechnology, FZ Jülich

The Helmoltz Dissertation Award will be awarded this year for the second time. With it, the Helmholtz Society honours young scientists for their outstanding achievements during their dissertation and encourages them in their scientific career. A total of six young researchers received the award, one in each of the research areas of the Helmholtz Society.

More information (in German): press release of FZ Juelich