Fellows from Düsseldorf organise symposium „From Gene to Protein and Beyond“


The 5th Symposium „From Gene to Protein and Beyond“ was again jointly organised by doctoral students from the CLIB-Graduate Cluster and the iGRASPseed PhD programme. The international symposium gave young scientists the opportunity to discuss current topics in gene analysis and protein expression across disciplines. With over 150 participants, this was the most successful symposium yet.

Besides renowned national and international scientists from academia and industry, two doctoral students also addressed the participants.

Pia Skozinski from the CLIB-Graduate Cluster presented her work on “Systematic mutational analysis of lipase secretion in Bacillus subtilis”. She aims to make this soil bacterium secrete higher amounts of an enzyme used in the detergent, food and textile industries. “Discussions with distinguished scientists in our areas are very productive for our work”, said Pia. “We benefit from their experience, but they also listen closely when we present new research ideas”.

Coming a few weeks after Prof. Dr. Karl-Erich Jaeger’s 60th birthday, the symposium turned into a scientific birthday party, bringing together colleagues and collaborators from his long research career. He was honoured with a special issue of „Journal of Biotechnology“ dedicated to him. His words of thanks point to the idea of the interdisciplinary symposium: „Science is not only work, it also means to make friends“. Prof. Dr. Jaeger is a member of the CLIB-GC board and the executive board of CLIB2021. He heads the Institute for Molecular Enzyme Technology at FZ Juelich.