Fatma will present her patented TAPPIR technology at ACHEMA on 21 June 2012

Aqueous Two Phase Extraction (ATPE) is a separation technology especially suited for biomolecules. However, it usually relies on a slow phase-separation to recover the desired product – difficult to scale-up to industrial scales. Fatma Alexia van Winssen, a fellow of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster at TU Dortmund University, together with her supervisors Bernd Burghoff and Gerhard Schembecker, delevoped and patented TAPPIR. This technology immobilises one of the two aqueous phases in porous particles. Now, ATPE can be carried out on column format, decreasing the time needed for extraction and even increasing the yields.

Fatma will present her work at the TechTransfer Days @ ACHEMA.

TAPPIR® - Tunable Aqueous Polymer Phase Impregnated Resins F. van Winssen, B. Burghoff, G. Schembecker, TU Dortmund/D 21.06.2012, 17:45, Room Logos/Genius, Hall 9.1

For more information, please see the ProVendis information on this technology offered.