External and Online Courses

Many courses are offered or supported online, either within the e-learning platform of your university, on other university websites or from other sources. Sometimes you will find a whole course, including exams and a certificate; some links direct you to a collection of information. See for yourself and keep in mind that the quality will vary.

This is a collection of links to external courses. The CLIB-Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology has had no influence on their content.

e-learning platforms of our three universities

ILIAS - e-learning at University of Duesseldorf

Stud.IP - e-learning at Bielefeld University

EWS - e-learning at TU Dortmund University

Moodle - e-learning at University Duisburg-Essen, also available for members of TU Dortmund University

Other courses and online material

MIT Open Course Ware - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers many of its courses online. Free, but you can’t get a degree from MIT this way.

webcast.berkeley - Webcast lectures from the University of Berkeley

Patentführerschein - Provided by ProVendis, the patent and marketing agency for universities in NRW, this course gives an introduction to the intricacies of patents. Includes exams and you will receive a certificate if you pass.
In German only.

Advice on designing scientific posters - a funny and not always too-serious guide to scientific posters with some very good recommendations. Jennifer Becker found this one.
NB: posters are usually portrait, not landscape format in Europe.

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