Eva Eilert


New approaches on heterologous gene expression in Hansenula polymorpha: whole-cell biocatalysis and fusion proteins


Eva was an associate student of the CLIB-Graduate Cluster. She started her doctoral thesis in November 2009 and became a member of the CLIB-GC in October 2010. She defended her thesis in 2013 and currently works as a senior scientist for an innovative biotech SME in NRW.

In her project, Eva aimed to improve the expression system H. polymorpha by new approaches which so far had not been performed in this yeast. One part of the project aimed to transfer the the ectoine/hydroxyectoine synthesis pathway of a salinophilic bacterium to H. polymorpha. In another part of the project, new fusion protein strategies were investigated to generally improve productivity and processing in the H. polymorpha system.

This project was carried out in cooperation with ARTES Biotechnology GmbH.


Eilert E, Kranz A, Hollenberg CP, Piontek M, Suckow M (2013) Synthesis and release of the bacterial compatible solute 5-hydroxyectoine in Hansenula polymorpha. J Biotechnol. 167: 85-93.

Eilert E, Rolf T, Heumaier A, Hollenberg CP, Piontek M, Suckow M. (2013) Improved processing of secretory proteins in Hansenula polymorpha by sequence variation near the processing site of the alpha mating factor prepro sequence. J Biotechnol. 167: 94-100.

Eilert E, Hollenberg CP, Piontek M, Suckow M (2012) The use of highly expressed FTH1 as carrier protein for cytosolic targeting in H. polymorpha. J Biotechnol; PMID: 22212821

Suckow M, Eilert E, Piontek M (2010) Verfahren zum Herstellen eines Ziel-Proteins im Verbund mit einem heterologen Ferritin-Protein unter Verwendung von Hefe-Wirtszellen. Patent application EP10180732.9


Eva’s project
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