CLIB-GC: lab courses

As part of the PhD programme, students are required to take part in at least one lab course, covering a topic outside their own area of expertise.

Three such courses will be offered by the CLIB-Graduate Cluster, one at each of the three universities. They are organised and coordinated by the local coordinators and faculty. The aim is to give an introduction into the field and experimental techniques.

These courses give our students the opportunity to gain knowledge about all aspects of research in the field of industrial biotechnology, covering the value chain from the in silico work to the purification of the final product.

Participants can expect to follow lectures in the mornings, with hands-on experiments in small groups in the afternoons. A social programme will allow time for networking with other participants and fellows of the Graduate Cluster on site.

No lab courses will be offered in 2013, we will have lab courses at all three universitites again in 2014.

Past courses


Advanced Post-Genomics & Bioinformatics - Introduction to Proteome & Metabolome Analysis
Venue: Bielefeld University, Date: 27. - 29.08.12, Participants: 12

  • Lectures: e.g. proteome analysis, metabolome analysis, bioinformatics evaluation of proteome and metabolome data sets
  • Methods: e.g. 2D-gel and tryptic digestion, MALDI TOF MS analysis of tryptically digested proteins, extraction and derivatisation of metabolites, GCxGC TOF MS analysis of metabolite extracts, bioinformatics evaluation of proteome and metabolome data sets

in vitro Evolution, Expression and Biocatalysis
Venue: HHU Düsseldorf (will be held at campus FZ Jülich), Date: 17.-20.09.12, Participants: 12 or 16

  • Introduction to molecular biology/protein expression for non-biologists [optional]
  • Lectures: applications of (optimised) enzymes: e.g. biocatalysis, in vitro evolution, expression, biological and chemical screening
  • Methods: (mutagenesis) PCR, construction of expression plasmids/libraries, transformation, protein expression, protein purification, qualitative and quantitative determination of enzyme activities = screening: all performed for 2 different enzyme classes of industrial interest

Whole cell biocatalysis and separation technology (Biocatalysis and Downstream Processing)
Venue: TU Dortmund University, Date: 25.-27.09.12, Participants: 12

  • Lectures: biobutanol from glucose; solid liquid separations; thermal separation processes; conceptual process design and simulation technology
  • Methods: e.g. exercises, computer work and pilot plant work on mass balances, metabolic networks and relevant separation processes


Advanced Post-Genomics & Bioinformatics
at Bielefeld University from 20.-23.07.2011
area: proteomics and metabolomics

Evolutional Optimization of Enzymes
at HHU Düsseldorf/FZ Jülich from 19.-22.09.2011
area: expression and biocatalysis

Biocatalysis and Downstream Processing
at TU Dortmund University from 19.-21.09.2011
area: biocatalysus and downstream processing


Advanced Post-Genomics and Bioinformatics
at the CeBiTec, Bielefeld from 07. - 09.09.10
area: polyomics

Evolutional Optimization of Enzymes
at the HHU Duesseldorf/FZ Juelich from 27. - 30.09.10
area: expression and biocatalysis

Whole Cell Biocatalysis and Separation Technology
at the TU Dortmund University from 18. - 20.10.10
area: biocatalysis and downstream processing