Ivana Barackov


Intrinsic mechanisms encountered during foam fractionation of enzymes from fermentation broths


Area: downstream processing
Project Start: 1.11.2009
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Schembecker, Prof. Dr. Rolf Wichmann
University: Dortmund


Ivana Barackov studied at the Faculty of Food Technology at University J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Croatia, with a major in Process Engineering. She finished her studies in October 2008 with her diploma thesis "Synthesis of 4-Thiazolidines from different Thiosemicarbazides". She joined the CLIB-GC in November 2009, and was doing her research work at the Laboratory of Process and Plant Design on innovative downstream processes, with emphasis on the processes of foam fractionation. Ivana defended her thesis in August 2013 and now works as a developer at an engineering group in Germany.

Research interests

Foam fractionation is a gentle and selective recovery step for enzymes. This separation step is based on the ability of water soluble, surface active substances to adsorb on gas-liquid interfaces, e.g. gas bubbles. The main application of this method is the concentration and isolation of dilute aqueous protein mixtures as occurring in fermentation processes. The aim of research is therefore to find ways to deal with these peculiarities. The goal is to show on the molecular level how proteins, specifically cutinase, BSA and lysozyme, fold and how an enzyme acts at the gas-liquid interface. The influence of salts, pH and temperature on the protein structure would be also determined. Based on the results of this molecular study other protein molecules shall be evaluated for their potential separation by foam fractionation. Finally, a pattern for upscaling foam fractionation processes derived from the molecular study shall be developed.


Barackov I, Mause A, Kapoor S, Winter R, Schembecker G, Burghoff B (2012). Investigation of structural changes of ?-casein and lysozyme at the gas-liquid interface during foam fractionation. Journal of Biotechnology - CLIB Special Issue, 161 (2), 138-146

I. Barackov, D. Spickermann, S. Kara, F. Hollmann, U. Schwaneberg, P. Duenkelmann, C. Leggewie „Enzyme stabilization by additives under industrial relevant reaction conditions”. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic.


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