1st CLIB-GC Symposium: Expression and Biocatalysis


Students from the CLIB-GC will organise the first CLIB-Graduate Cluster Symposium on Expression and Biocatalysis at the University of Duesseldorf on 01 October 2010.

This event will give students the opportunity to interact with renowned scientists from other universities and with representatives from the industry.

Talks by:
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Streit, University of Hamburg
Jessica Schneider, Bielefeld University (CLIB-GC fellow)
Prof. Dr. Michael Müller, University of Freiburg
N. N., Applied Biosystems Deutschland GmbH
Torsten Sehl, University of Duesseldorf (CLIB-GC fellow)
N. N., m2p-Labs
Prof. Dr. Anett Kirschner, RWTH Aachen
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hauer, University of Stuttgart

Venue: building 26.31, lecture hall 6D, University of Duesseldorf.

Organised by Torsten Sehl and Katharina Neufeld, both CLIB-GC fellows at the University of Duesseldorf. Please contact either of them if you have questions or wish to register for the event.

Registration deadline: 03 September 2010.